You may have the pleasure of welcoming a former employee back to the company. As an Admin, you'll be able to rehire an employee from the People section with all of their information intact.

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When you terminate an employee, there is no need to delete the employee's information from the system. Instead, you label the employee's Lifecycle status as Terminated. This means, you can view the employee's information within the platform after termination and later rehire them if needed.

How to rehire a terminated employee

  1. From the left menu, select People > Directory.
  2. From the Lifecycle filter, select Terminated, then click Apply.
  3. Mark the checkbox to the left of the employee you want to rehire.
  4. From the Actions dropdown menu, select Change status > Rehire.
  5. Select your new hire template from the dropdown list, then click Start.
    You will then be taken through the New Hire process where the employee’s details will be pre-filled from when they were previously employed.


  • The employee will need a new start date that occurs after their termination date. If the employee’s new start date is in the future, their Lifecycle status will be set as Hired and will automatically change to Employed on their start date. If the employee’s new start date is in the past, their lifecycle status will be set as Employed.
  • On the employee's profile, the employee’s previous start and termination date will be stored in the Lifecycle status table in the Lifecycle tab.


Why can't I see Rehire as an option in the Actions dropdown list in the Directory?

Access to these capabilities is managed by your company's Admin. If you do not have access and believe you should, reach out to a Bob Admin within your company.

How will rehiring affect the employee's Lifecycle status?

Rehiring will update the employee’s start date to reflect their newest start date. Their old information will be maintained in the Lifecycle status table on the Secret section. In addition, their lifecycle status will change from Terminated to Hired (if they have a future start date) and Employed (if they have a past start date).

What if I accidentally terminated an employee? Can I undo this termination or do I need to rehire them?

If you want to revert an accidental termination, do not rehire. Instead, go to the Lifecycle table on the employee card and delete the last termination line.