For Employees

If they accrue TOIL, the employee can request TOIL on the TOIL policy, this is the days they worked.

The Manager will then be sent a notification to approve the request.

Note: right now you can only book half and full days. Time off in hours is coming soon.

For Admins

Setting up a TOIL policy

  1. Add a new policy in Time Off > Settings

  2. Call it TOIL, set it to Earned Allowance, given at the start of the year

  3. Set the balance to 0, and allow booking on non-working days

  4. You can decide if you require approval

  5. Do not allow carryover

Managing TOIL

You can adjust your team members' holiday balance to match their TOIL requests. We recommend doing this monthly. Here's how:

  1. Using the People's Time Off tab, add the TOIL policy with the red column picker button

  2. Where TOIL has been requested, the balance will display as a negative number - the days the employee is owed

  3. Take this balance and add it back to their holiday policy by selecting their name and using Actions > Adjust Balance and selecting the holiday policy. Set the date of the TOIL as the effective date

  4. Now reset the TOIL policy for next time. Use Actions > Adjust Balance, this time select the TOIL policy. Set the balance to 0 effective today.

  5. Repeat this process each month