Time off in Lieu (TOIL) is additional paid time off employers can give to their employees in certain situations, such as if the employee works overtime. A specific time off policy can be set up in order to give employees TOIL.

Admins Managers Employees

Setting up a TOIL policy

  1. Add a new policy in Time Off > Settings

  2. Call it TOIL, set it to Earned Allowance, given at the start of the year

  3. Set the balance to 0, and allow booking on non-working days

  4. You can decide if you require approval

  5. Do not allow carryover


Do Time off in lieu days get automatically deducted from the overtime balance?
No, the changes must be made to manually. The manager boosts the employees balance manually when the employee works overtime and then the employee uses them to book holidays. Nothing else is actioned.