Enable Auto clock in (geofencing) on mobile

You can use the "Zero Touch" time clock feature, which uses Bob geofencing to track time and attendance.

To enable Geofencing

  1. Open the Bob mobile app.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Enable Auto Clock In.

  4. Allow Bob's app to use your device location service.


How does Auto Clock In work its magic? 
Auto Clock In, which is currently in Beta, automatically detects when you enter or leave your workplace (usually around a 200-meter radius) by using your device’s geolocation capabilities. When you walk into work, the app clocks you in, when you walk out, it clocks you out. 

What happens when I step out for a meeting or grab a bite to eat? Will the app clock me out?
No, it won’t. Bob will only use your first and last logins of the day.

Will my manager get my location when I’m outside the workplace?
Bob will never track your location when you're not in your workplace, and your manager will never get your exact location. The app will only detect when you enter and leave your workplace.

Why do you need access to my location?
Bob’s Auto Clock In works by using geo-fencing. The app is notified by the OS – using your device's geolocation – whenever you enter or leave your workplace.

How does Auto Clock In affect my device's battery?
Bob’s Auto Clock In consumes very little battery power, which means you probably won't experience any significant changes in how your device functions.

Will you share my location data with external sources?
Absolutely not! Bob complies with the new GDPR regulations, which focus on the protection of your privacy. We only track the information we absolutely need. The only events that the app and our servers will be aware of are when you enter and leave your workplace. For more info, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Can I opt out of Auto Clock In after I've activated it?
Of course. In the mobile app, just go to Settings, and switch off Auto Clock In.