To track your employees’ time off balances you’ll need to assign time off policies to them.

Note: Employees inherit a bank holiday calendar and working pattern from the site they are assigned to. If they have a different working pattern or observe a different set of bank holidays (or none at all) you can override it individually. See Editing employee work patterns.

How to assign a time off policy

  1. From the left menu, select Time off > People's time off and click the Policy balances tab
  2. Mark the checkboxes next to the employees, or select the entire list.
  3. From the Actions dropdown, select Assign policy.
  4. From the Policy dropdown, select the relevant policy.
  5. In the Effective Date field, select when the policy will be applied - either a specific Date or a Preset option which bases the policy on an event (e.g. Start Date).
  6. Click Apply.
  • You can use the filter to narrow down to the group of employees you would like to apply a policy to. It could be a particular site, department or any other variable on their profile.
  • The system will run validations before the update is conducted, so that you know whether the assignment will apply to all employees, and whether with or without exceptions.


How do I unassign a policy?

From the left menu, select Time > People's time off > Policy Balances and check the boxes next to one or more employees. Then, from the Actions dropdown, select Unassign policy, complete the fields in the popup and click Apply.