bob Actions and Notifications on Slack


If you're anything like us, you see Slack as a crucial messaging system for business. We use both Slack and bob every day, and appreciate the need for business tools to work hand in hand.

Enabling the Slack integration with bob allows you to carry out several bob actions and get updates through the Slack platform:

  1. Receive daily updates on your information in bob

  2. Request time off or time away from the office (read all about it here)

  3. Approve or decline time off and time away requests

  4. Clock in and clock out 

You can access, review, and approve time off requests, mark to dos as done, and clock in and out from your bob home dashboard within Slack.

Use the /bob help command to discover more! 


How to setup the bob/Slack integration?

  1. Go to Settings > Integration

  2. Select Slack > Channel Integrations

  3. Click on Setup new integration

  4. Select the daily and event-based information you'd like to be pushed to Slack 

  5. Choose the time and time zone you would like the notifications to be sent. 

  6. If you’d like to define these settings to a specific site, select the site from the Select sites dropdown.

  7. Click Save

  8. Specify the channel you'd like us to push information to. You can choose different channels to hold different information, one for each site if you so choose. 

Only your system administrator in bob can setup integrations

Our Customer Success team are on-hand to help. If you're unsure about anything please send us a message through the chat icon below.