Slack is a crucial messaging platform for many businesses. At bob we use Slack every day. Now we’ve combined the powers of bob and Slack with the Slack Time Off functionality. Employees and admins can request and approve/decline time off or time away directly from Slack.

Step 1: Setup Slack Time Off integration

Go to the Integration tab in the Settings module on bob.

Select Slack and click on ‘connect to Slack.’

This will send you to Slack, click on ‘authorize’ to allow bob to connect to your Slack workspace. This action must be completed by your Slack admin, if you’re not the admin click ‘Not the Slack admin.’ 

Now you’re ready to request and approve time off requests through Slack!

Step 2: Make a Time Off or Time Away Request

Head over to the slack bob app. Click on 'Submit new request' and select your desired policy, start date, and whether your request is for the entire day, morning, afternoon, or for multiple days. Once you click on ‘submit’ your request will be sent to the time off approver as defined in the time off settings.

Step 3: Approve (or Decline) a Request

The designated time off approver will get a real-time notification in Slack and be able to approve or decline the request instantly.

Our Customer Success team are on-hand to help. If you're unsure about anything please send us a message through the chat icon below.