Docs was designed to act as your document hub. Your place to securely upload, save, share, and assign actions for all of your important documentation. From leave policies to employee handbooks, personal contracts, and other relevant files, you can manage personal, employee, and company or site-wide documents here.


Admins and those with permission can securely upload, save, share, and assign actions for all important employee and company documents in a centralized place.

In this video, we'll review My docs, People's docs, and Company docs.

Let's get started.

From the left menu, select Docs.

Every user in Bob has access to My docs and Company docs.

Admins, and those with permission, also have access to People's docs.

My Docs is an area where employees can find documents stored and uploaded for them, such as Right to Work docs, contracts, and eSign forms once completed.

People's docs is another way to view employees' My docs, where admins and those with permission can store shared and confidential documents for all employees.

Use the default folders or create custom document folders for employees with personalized visibility settings.

Company Docs is an area for all company documents, such as leave policies and employee handbooks.

Admins and those with permission can create new folders, upload docs, see who uploaded which document, preview and download one or multiple documents.

You can also share folders with specific sites or departments, request read approval for one or multiple docs, and see the approval status.

Let's look at Docs settings to see how we can customize document folders and access to them.

In employee folders, we can create custom folders with conditions for who can access the folder.

Create as many employee folders as needed, and use the Applies to section to control which employees are assigned the folder.

For example, Confidential docs and Shared docs folders are available to all active employees.

But typically only the admins and those with permission can see the Confidential folder, which makes this a great place to store emails, references, or a staffing agency contract related to or about the employee.

On the other hand, the docs in the Shared folder are viewable by Bob Admins and the employee for documents like contracts or promotion letters you want the employee to see.

Or create custom folders for each business need.

Let's specify what actions employees can take within the folder in Permission groups.

In the All people - own data group, we can control what users see and edit on their behalf.

In the Docs section, we can see the permissions for default and custom folders permissions.

We want our employees to be able to view and upload docs to the new folder, but not delete them.

Check the changes you made by logging in as a user without Admin permissions.

Thank you for tuning in to hear about document management and settings.

See you next time.

Docs is divided into:

  • My docs: Documents uploaded to your personal folder
  • People's docs: Shared and secret documents for all your employees for Admins or people with permissions only
  • Company docs: Area for all company documents with access controlled by permissions and share settings
  • Requests: Areas for your documents and your employees' documents with status pending actions to read, sign, or approve

How to upload a doc

  1. From the left menu, select Doc > My Docs (or People's Doc, Company Docs).
  2. Click the document icon or Upload document
  3. Drag and drop or click browse files to select your document(s), then click Upload.

    Tip: Ensure each document you upload has the date or version in the title to easily distinguish older from newer versions over time.

  4. Click Done.
    The document will then be processed and added to the designated folder.