Homepage Company Portal: Essentials

The Company PortalEssentials, is your go-to for everything your employee needs. From company social media pages like Facebook and LinkedIn to work tools, such as Jira and SalesForce, it provides easy access and shows new joiners what they should know. 

How to enable the Company Portal

  1. From the left menu, select Settings.
  2. Click Manage Features.
  3. Enable Homepage Company Portal.
    This will enable the Company Portal on the home page, where you can add or edit the relevant links.

How to add links to the Company Portal: Essentials

Your Company Portal is labeled Essentials and is positioned on the right side of your homepage, beneath your name. 

  1. Click + to add an Icon, Name, Url, and Audience.  
  2. If you'd like to associate an image with your link, click the image in Icon and upload an image.

    Note: An ideal image is 60*60 pixels.

  3. Enter a Name and Url for your link.
  4. Define the audience that'll be able to view Essentials.
    You can select All Company or select by SiteDepartment, Employment Type, or Hobbies.
  5. Click Add.

    Note: Only Admins can edit or delete links in the portal.