Bob’s Shoutouts allows you to announce company events, people’s milestones, send reminders and spotlight the hard work being done by your team.  


Need to find out what employees want for an office lunch? Want to ask a certain office where the next off-site should be? Want to scope interest for a company benefit? Send out a poll! Having this kind of real-time information will make it much easier for you and your managers to regularly get feedback from employees in a fun and engaging way.

Please note that each employee can only vote once and polls are open for 14 days.

How to share a new post

  1. On Bob's homepage click on the Post something button.

  2. You'll see a default subject that you may edit it if you like. This will also be the subject line in the Kudos notification email. 

  3. Compose your shoutout, poll or kudos.

  4. Decide who the shoutout should be visible to; Click on Choose audience and mark the audience you would like to include.

  5. Click Post when you're ready to send it out.


How to upload documents to shoutouts

​If your shoutout includes any documentation or reading, such as a PDF of the latest diversity training or a manual for the new espresso machine, you can easily attach it to your shoutout. Follow these instructions to upload and attach:

  1. From the homepage, click Post a shoutout.On mobile, click Post something.
  2. Click Add Document.
  3. Choose to drop files or Browse files. Supported file types include PDF, DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, PPT/PPTX.
  4. Select your file, click Upload 1 file.
  5. To add additional files click +Add files. You can select up to 10 files.
  6. Click Done.
  7. Your shoutout is ready to go; Click Preview to get a sneak peek of how it will look, or Post to publish it in the feed.

Note: A shoutout may contain an image or a document(s), not both. If you choose to upload documents, then the option to upload images will be disabled (grayed out) and vice versa; If you choose to upload an image then the documents option will be disabled.



Kudos enables peer-to-peer recognition, providing employees with a fun way to share their appreciation and express gratitude towards their colleagues. Check the kudos help article to find out more.


Want employees or managers to be able to send shoutouts? You can define who is able to post and manage shoutouts in the Roles & Permissions section of Settings.