Templated New Hire wizards allow you to streamline adding new hires while including different pieces of required information, documents, and tasks. In each template, you'll:

  • choose the fields and sections to include in the New Hire wizard
  • pre-assign time off policies
  • include documents and policies to review and sign
  • choose the employee’s onboarding experience to follow

Get the most out of Bob

You can create templates for each of your sites, departments, or talent profiles to help you support your diverse workforce throughout your remote or global sites.

Users with permissions to alter parts of the new hire flow will be able to override default selections saved on the template. For example, the task list can be changed or updated policies can be added for read approval.

How to set up a new hire flow

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Flows.
  2. Select the New Hire tab.
  3. Click + Add new or click Manage to edit an existing flow.
    The template builder will guide you through three steps to build your personalized new hire process.

Step 1: Template details

The Template details step is to add information about the template to help others on your team know when to use it.

  1. Enter a name and description for the flow.
    This will appear in your template options when adding a new hire.

    Tip: The description is optional but useful for companies with multiple sites. For example, you can include “For new hires in the EMEA region” in the description.

  2. Click Next.

Step 2: Categories and fields


In the Categories and fields step, you'll select the information fields your HR team will need to complete about the employee when adding a new hire. Some fields are mandatory to create a baseline for automation and a unique employee record, and are therefore already included in the flow by default, such as Email, First and Last name, and Start date.

Tip: To manage which fields are mandatory and must be completed as part of the new hire wizard, access the employee field settings under Settings > Employee Fields.

  1. Select the fields you want to include in the flow by entire categories or individually. Each field chosen will appear to the right and can be removed by clicking on the x.

    Tip: Use the search functionality or scroll to find the fields you want to select.

  2. Click Next.

Step 3: Features


Next in building your template is Features, where you will select which feature areas to include as steps in the new hire flow you are creating. This will allow you to manage whether benefits, time off, docs, and tasks are to be set up as part of the new hire flow, or after the flow is completed

  1. Enable or disable Enable docs on this template which allows adding requests for the employee to read, fill in and/or sign policies and forms.
  2. If Docs are enabled, click Add eSign to add docs requiring a signature, select the document and folder it will be saved to, then click Add.
  3. If Docs are enabled, click Add doc to add docs requiring read approval from your computer or from the Company docs folders, select the document and folder it will be saved to, then click Add.

    Tip: Add an eSign template if you wish your new hires to sign an employment agreement or company handbook, for example. Add a doc if you want your new hires to read and approve a company remote work policy or office guidelines, for example.

  4. Enable or disable Enable tasks on this template to trigger tasks within the new hire wizard for new employees, then select the task list template if enabled.

    Tip: To manage or create a task list for your New Hire flow, see Set up a task list.

  5. Enable or disable Enable time off on this template to assign time off policies for the new hire, then select the policies that will be assigned if enabled.

    Tip: Use the info tooltip beside each policy to get more info, such as the policy allowance or the cycle configuration.

  6. Mark or unmark the checkbox Enable benefits on this template to assign benefits to your new hire as part of the New Hire wizard.
  7. Click Next.

Note: To manage or create a time off policy for your New Hire flow, see Set up and manage time off policies.

Step 4: Invite

  1. From the dropdown menu, select the onboarding template.

    Tip: To manage or create an onboarding template for your New Hire flow, see Set up an Employee Onboarding flow.

  2. Click Done.
  • People with permissions may override your selection once adding a new hire. To learn more, see Create a custom permission group.
  • Check that the selected features are enabled in Settings > Manage features.

When you access the People Directory and click the + New hire button, you'll be prompted to select a new hire template to enter the wizard and start adding the new employee. To learn more about adding a new hire, see Add a new hire.