Configure who will be notified when an applicant is marked as hired in your ATS.

How to manage ATS notifications

By default notifications are sent to the company admin, but you can change the ATS notification settings to ensure they are sent to someone else.

Note: The ATS must first be connected before you are able to manage notifications. If you have not yet connected your ATS. See the Recruitment systems integration help articles to connect Bob with your ATS of choice.

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Integrations.

  2. In the integration tile, click Manage.

  3. To the right of the Notifications header, click the pencil icon which appears when you hover over the header.
    This opens the editing interface.
  4. Toggle on Specific Employees and click the arrow next to the name dropdown to select the employee(s) who will receive all new hire ATS notifications

  5. Toggle on Custom to choose either one of the following:

    • Notify the Leading recruiter that is assigned to the position - ensure that the person who marked the applicant as hired in your ATS is sent a notification when they are hired.

    • Set a custom notification rule - ensure that specific people are notified in different circumstances.
      For example, notify your London site admin for all new hires for the London office, and the New York Head of Legal for all new legal hires to the New York office.

      • To set a custom notification, click + New rule, set the circumstances by selecting one or more conditions and select the employee(s) to be notified from the Who to notify dropdown.

      • To add multiple conditions, click + Add condition.

        Note: Conditions that are set for custom notifications are both value and case-sensitive. 

        E.g., If the condition is based on Site then the values in the ATS (where it is often known as Job location) must be identical to those in Bob. I.e., if the name of the site in Bob is US then the name of the Site/Job location in the ATS must be US (and not any other variation such as us, USA, usa or United States).

    • Click + New rule to create another rule.
      You can create any number of rules.
  6. Change the order of the rules by dragging and dropping.
    The criteria are checked from the top down for each new hire until an applicable rule is reached. 617ba74a9d786
  7. Toggle on Notify admins to ensure admins are notified by default if none of the conditions are matched.