bob’s configurable ATS notifications means you decide who will get notified when an applicant is marked as hired in your ATS. It’s a great way of cutting down on excess notifications to the wrong people, and empowers managers to own new hire onboarding from the very beginning.


How to manage ATS notifications

By default notifications are sent to the company admin, change the ATS notification settings to send to someone else. To define who will be notified when an applicant is set to a new hire in your ATS, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations from the main menu

  2. Click Manage under your connected ATS

  3. Press the pencil icon on the right hand side of the notifications section to edit

  4. You may toggle on Specific Employees to select an employee by name or email to receive all new hire ATS notifications

5. You can additionally toggle on Custom to choose one of the following:

  • Notify the same individual who marked the applicant as hired in your ATS

  • Set custom notification rules to define the notification criteria so that you can notify the right person in each circumstance. For instance, notify your London site admin for all new hires for the London office, and the New York Head of Legal for all new legal hires to the New York office.

a. You can base a condition on any list fields, such as site, department or custom 
field values.
b. Select whether the field chosen in step a above does or does not exist, or if it
should be equal to or not equal to the selected value in c below
c. Choose the field value to complete the condition
d. Press Add filter and repeat steps a to c to create additional conditions for your
notifications rule
e. Click Add to save the rule
f. Press + New rule to create another rule by repeating steps a. to f. above. You
can create any number of rules

g. Change the order of the rules by dragging and dropping. The criteria are
checked from the top down for each new hire until an applicable rule is
reached. If no matching criteria is found, the admin will automatically receive
the ATS notification.


Your ATS notifications are set up!


An ATS integration must already be set up to manage your ATS notifications. If you have not yet connected your ATS to bob, see the Applicant Tracking System instruction to connect bob with your ATS of choice.


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