Managing an employee's departure from your organization, whether voluntary or involuntary, temporary or permanent, needs to be done accurately, efficiently, and delicately. Bob simplifies leave management with out-of-the-box and customizable leave and termination flows for updating and tracking the employee’s status, ensuring no loose ends are left behind and parting ways gracefully.

Additionally, you'll be able to reassign any open tasks, ownership of performance cycles and surveys, scheduled reports, or even a manager's team to ensure things keep running smoothly in your organization. You can also allow the employee on leave to remain active in the Org chart.

Before you begin

  • Only the leave flows that apply to the selected employee(s) will be displayed when selecting people to place on leave. For example, a parental leave flow with conditions set up to only apply to people in a London site will only appear as an option for people at that site.
  • People in your organization who have the permission to trigger termination or leave flows, such as Managers, and also have permissions to view the employee lifecycle section and any other sections in the flow will be able to see the flows. To learn more, see Create a custom permission group.

Get the most out of Bob

There are three different types of leave flows:

  1. Leave for people taking a temporary leave
  2. Parental leave for people going on a parental leave
  3. Termination for people whose contract with your company is ending

Each flow has default fields and settings to match the particular type of leave selected, i.e., a leave flow will have a Leave end date field since the departing employee is expected to return to the company. In contrast, a termination flow will have the Last day of work since they’re ending an employment contract.

How to set up a leave flow

Create a new flow according to your needs by editing a preset flow or creating one from scratch. You will be able to choose from three types of preset flows with a setup wizard that will help you set up your flow.

Step 1: Details

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Flows
  2. Select the Leave tab.
  3. Click + Add new to create a new flow template.
    Note: To edit a preset or custom flow you’ve already created, click Manage on the flow tile. To duplicate or delete an existing flow, click the three-dot menu to the right of the leave flow you wish to delete. Select Duplicate or Delete, then Delete again.
  4. Select the leave type for this flow: Termination, Leave, or Parental Leave.
  5. Enter a name and description for the flow.
    Tip: A description is optional but especially useful when several colleagues use the same flow.
  6. In Applies To, select All Employees, Select by condition, or Select by name.
    Note: The All Employees condition only includes people whose Lifecycle status equals Employed.
  7. If you Select by condition, click Edit, select the conditions from the dropdown menus, then click Apply. If you Select by name, click Select, select the specific employees, then click Select.
  8. Click Next.

Step 2: Categories and fields

Each flow has default fields and settings to match the particular type of leave selected, which are mentioned under Leave details, but you can also include other employee fields to be updated during the flow.

  1. Select the field(s) to be included in the flow.
    Tip: Click the category dropdown menus to select specific fields. For example, the category Personal Contact Details expands to include the particular fields Personal email, Personal phone, and Personal mobile to select the entire category or a single field.
  2. Click Next.

Tip: Create a text field column in the Lifecycle category table to enable writing comments about the employee’s leave. By creating it there, the column table will be automatically added across leave flows without needing to select it in Additional fields each time.

Step 3: Additional steps

  1. Enable Set approvers, then select the Role or specific Employee who will be the first approver from the dropdown menu if you would like approvers for this flow.
    Note: Click Select to add additional approvers to this flow.
  2. Enable Set notifications, then select the Role(s) or specific Employee(s) who will receive an email notification when the flow is completed.
  3. Enable Set task list, then select a task list from the dropdown menu if you would like to automatically trigger a task list once this flow is complete and changes are approved.
    Tips: If you don’t see a task list you would like for this flow, you can create a new task list. To learn more, see Set up a task list. Users with permissions to trigger task lists would be offered to change the task list you selected here. To learn more, see Trigger a task list from a flow.
  4. Click Done.
    This flow is now available to trigger by whomever you provided permissions. To learn more, see How to set up permissions for people using flows.


How do I trigger a leave flow? How do I approve or reject a flow request?

Ready to place an employee on parental leave or make a change? Perhaps you also want to approve or reject a leave request. To learn more, see Set up a custom flow with approvals.