Set up Self service flows so people can update personal details independently, such as address, contact information, and banking details, or add new information, with built-in approval flows.

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Flows can also be used to place requests for adding new information, such as expenses or travel requests. This saves you time, ensures accurate data, and allows to submit requests for approval.

Employee Self Service is managed through Self Service Flows that define the profile categories, approvers, notifications and follow-up task list. Like any other flow, as soon as your Self Service flow is up and running you can review the status so you always know where things stand.

Note: This flow is triggered by editing information in the employee profile via the pencil icon. To learn more, see Update an employee profile.

How to set up Employee Self Service

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Flows > Self Service.
  2. Click + Add new.

Step 1: Details

  1. Enter a Name for the flow.
  2. Add a Description (optional).
  3. Select the audience the self service flow Applies to:
    • All company: all current employees.
    • Select by condition: to create a highly targeted list, add as many conditions as you'd like.

      Tip: Use conditions to automatically apply specific flows to certain employees. For example, if a condition is used to include contractors, when a new hire joins as a contractor that person will automatically be assigned to the flow.

    • Select by name: search for and select specific employees.
  4. Click Next.

Step 2: Categories

  1. Mark one or more employee profile categories that you'd like to include in the flow, including previously set custom categories. Each time you click a category it will appear in a list on the right-side panel. Click X to delete a category.
  2. Click Next.

Step 3: Additional Steps

  1. Enable Set approvers to add approvers. Search for a specific name or role by typing in the search bar or scrolling and selecting the condition/person. To add additional approvers, click + Select. Repeat for as many approvers as you’d like.

    Note: The approvers will be sent an approval request that requires confirmation before changes take effect. If you do not set approvers, changes will be automatically updated.

  2. Enable Set notifications to send notifications after completion of the flow. Scroll or search to select the people that will receive notifications.
  3. To automatically trigger a task list upon completion of the flow, enable Set task list and select the desired task list from the dropdown.

    Note: A task list attached to a flow is triggered only after all the approvals are submitted.

  4. Click Done.
    You’ve just set up a Self Service flow and empowered your employees to change personal information themselves!

How to set up permissions for people using the Self service flow

Employees can request changes only if they have viewing permissions for the selected categories.

  1. From the left menu, select Settings Permission groups.
  2. Select the All people - own data group.
  3. Click Edit permissions.
  4. Select People, then select the categories you'd like your employees to require a request change.
  5. Mark or unmark the checkbox to enable or disable View section [category name] in this person's profile, but does not have permission to edit it. To learn more, see Manage permission groups.
  6. Click Save when you're finished adding or removing permissions, then click Apply after reviewing the summary of changes.

Note: Anyone with editing permissions can edit the categories regardless of the flow settings. Flows are not triggered for these users who have edit permissions to all of the categories included in the flow. For this reason Admins cannot use Self Service flows.

How to approve or reject self service requests

Your employees can always change their own profiles. The changes can go into effect automatically or may require approval based on your configurations. Once an employee has submitted a change request for changes that require approval, the approver(s) will be notified then prompted to approve or reject the request.

To learn more, see Set up a custom flow with approvals.


What features of the self service flow can I complete on the mobile app?
For now, people can make a change on the profile by editing a self service field or category. The flow approver will need to review and respond to the self service flow request on a desktop.

As an Admin, can I set the self service flow to also apply to me so that my changes require approval?
No, the Admin permissions override the need for changes to be approved.