Accumulate time off based on hours worked

Create a time off for part-time employees who accumulate X hours time off for every X hours worked.


This option is available only if:

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When employees are assigned to a time off policy calculated according to Ratio of hours worked:

  • You have control over your part-time employee's allowance entitlement - they earn time off based on the hours they worked.
  • You can limit the amount of hours worked that can be converted to time off by setting an accrual limit.

How to set up and implement a Ratio of hours worked time off policy

The Ratio of hours worked option is selected during the time off policy setup process, in Step 2: Allowance. 

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Time off.
  2. Click + New policy.
  3. Complete the Details and click Next.
  4. In Allowance entitlement select Ratio of hours worked.
  5. In Hours worked per hours of allowance enter the number of hours an employee needs to work to accrue one hour of time off.

    If 30 hours is entered in the Hours worked per hours of allowance field, then if the employee worked for 90 hours during a Time and Attendance cycle they will accrue three hours time off at the end of the month (provided that this is approved by the manager).

    Tip: We recommend that the Accrual cycle that is selected/created corresponds with the Attendance cycle, to ensure the two work in tandem.

  6. To limit the total number of hours that can be accrued per cycle, in Step 4: Balance limits, toggle on Set maximum balance at the end of the cycle and enter the maximum balance in the field below.

    If 30 hours were entered in the Hours worked per hours of allowance field and 10 hours were set in the Maximum balance field, then if an employee worked for more than 150 hours on a given cycle they will still get only 5 hours of accrual (150/30 = 5).

    How to assign an employee to a Ratio of hours worked time off policy

    Employees are assigned to the policy just like any other time off policy assignment. To learn more, see Assign a time off policy. 

    Note: Since the system cannot automatically calculate past closed attendance cycles for a given time off cycle, the date set in the effective date will check all cycles that will be closed from this assignment date and convert the total hours worked to time off.

    Tip: When it comes to the timing of assigning an employee to a “by hours worked policy” we suggest that the effective date will match the last attendance cycle’s cutoff (closing date delay) end date, so that the generation of accrual will be as accurate as possible.


    Can we still convert hours worked during past (locked) attendance cycles into accrued time off?
    Yes. There is an option to run a script that will convert hours worked in locked attendance cycles. converting, for a given set of employees. To learn more, contact customer support.