How do I change details in my employee profile?

Your employee profile includes your personal and professional information. It’s made up of the data you entered during onboarding and the data entered by your company’s Admin. This is where you can personalize your profile and make changes to your information. Personalizing your profile refers to adding or editing your profile picture or video, and adding or editing your name’s pronunciation via audio. Changes to your information apply to your general details e.g., changes to your address, salary, and role. To make any changes to your personal profile:

  1. Click on your profile picture on the upper right-hand side of your screen.
  2. Click Go to my profile.

How to personalize your profile

You can do this via mobile or web.

Note: Ensure that you only upload professional and appropriate content according to your company guidelines. If you're an Admin, you can disable this feature for your company at any time. To learn more, see Manage Features

Mobile Web
  1. Tap + on the bottom right of your avatar to Add profile picture or Add profile video, and Add name pronunciation.
  2. To Add profile picture, select Choose a photo, Take a photo or Restore default image. Choose a photo directly from your mobile gallery or Take a photo using your mobile camera.

    Note: You’ll need to provide permission to access and take pictures on your mobile.

  3. To  Add profile video, select Take Video or Choose Video. Choose a video directly from your mobile gallery or Take a video using your mobile camera.

    Note: You’ll need to provide permission to access and record videos on your mobile.

  4. To Add name pronunciation, tap the microphone icon to record yourself, and tap the check icon once satisfied.

    Note: You’ll need to provide permission to allow audio recordings on your mobile.

Once you have added your profile picture, video, and name pronunciation, people will be able to see your profile picture, play your video by clicking on the play icon on your avatar, and hear your audio clip by clicking on the microphone icon next to your display name.

To Change or Delete your profile picture, video, and name pronunciation, click + on the bottom right of your avatar and select the action desired. 

Note: Admins have permission to delete peoples’ personalization uploads if deemed inappropriate. An Admin can also remove peoples’ permissions to personalize their profile entirely if they feel the feature is being misused. 

How to change any of your personal details on your profile


  1. Scroll or Search to find the field you’d like to update.
  2. Hover over a field or category, and click the pencil icon.

    Note: You’ll only see this icon next to editable categories.

  3. Enter the new information by typing it in or by selecting from the available dropdown.

    Note: If the edited field has an effective date, complete it for the change to occur.

  4. Click Done.

Note: If your company HR requires a request and verification process for personal information changes, a message will appear notifying you. You’ll be notified via email once the request is approved or denied. You can also click on the change notification in your profile to see the request status at any time.


Who can view my date of birth?

By default, only Admins can view the Date of birth field. Even if an Admin enables View all other employees' Personal sections in the All Employees permission group, it will not include Date of Birth.

Which Admins can edit peoples’ employee profile videos and audios? 

Admins with permissions to edit the About category can choose to limit peoples’ permissions to personalize their profiles. 

Which fields on my profile are private and only accessible to me and Admins by default, and which are public and can be seen by others?

These are default fields but note that your Admin can move employee fields to any other categories.

Private Public

Personal contact details

Work contact details (optional)

Work contact details (optional)

Personal details

Personal details

Basic info

Basic info


Work details

Work details






Work eligibility details and summary


Equity details and summary

Emergency contact details

Training details and summary

Lifecycle details and summary

User data 


People analytics data