To manage, organize and maintain your employees' documents, you can add to existing folders or create as many custom folders as you need to meet your business goal.

Get the most out of Bob

  • People's docs can be set based on any criteria you choose, such as document types like contracts or payslips, or based on employee info, like documents for employees in the legal department.
  • You can choose for whom the docs folders will apply and for whom the docs folders will be visible or editable.
  • We’ve provided two folders to get you started: Shared Docs and Confidential Docs. By default, these folders apply to all of your employees. You can always manage these folders or create a new folder in People's Docs.

How to create a folder in People's Docs


  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Docs.
  2. From the Employee Folders tab, click + Add new.
  3. Enter the name and description of the folder.
  4. Select whom the folder applies to by selecting All employees, or Select by condition, then click Edit to apply conditions for who the folders apply to, then click Apply.

    Tip: You can add as many conditions you would like to create a targeted list of people who can view the folder.

  5. Click Save.
    This can be the destination folder for any eSign or Read approval documents you may request from your employees. To learn more, see Trigger an eSign request.

How to set up permissions for People's Docs


Review their permissions to ensure that your stakeholders and employees can or cannot manage or view the docs folders you have created.

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Roles & Permissions.
  2. Click Manage Group for the permission group that includes the employees to who you would like to provide permissions to view or manage the configured docs folder.

    Tip: Manage permissions for the Profile owners permission group to ensure new hires can upload docs to folders during the onboarding process.

  3. From the Other employees tab, select Docs.
  4. Select the folder you'd like your group members to view or manage.
  5. Enable or disable View, Upload, Edit tags, and Delete their own docs in the folder.
  6. Click Save changes.


How do I edit a document folder?
You can also edit an existing folder by clicking Manage on the folder.

How can I delete a document folder?
Delete an existing folder by hovering over the top right corner of the folder tile, then click the trash icon. Write DELETE to confirm, then click Delete. This cannot be undone so regularly back up your documents in the event you need to restore a folder. To learn more, see Back up documents.

What permissions do employees need to view and manage docs?
If you set permissions to view or manage a specific folder in the Profile owners permission group, the employees will be able to view or manage the docs in this folder under My docs.
If you set permissions to view or manage a specific folder in a custom permission group, the group members will be able to view or manage the docs in this folder in People's docs for the employees they have access to.