You can use the SCIM integration to import and update groups from Bob into Okta.

This allows you to create groups in Bob and import them as Okta groups that can be used to create rules in Okta.

How to create groups to use in Okta

You can view, add, and use all of the groups created in Bob in the SCIM integration.

Alternatively, you can also create groups right from the SCIM integration space in Bob for your use in Okta.

  1. From the left menu, select Setting > Integrations.

  2. Select Provisioning.

  3. In the Okta tile, click Manage.
    You will see a table showing any groups already added in the integration groups, as well as members of the group, who created it, and the creation date.
  4. Click + New group to add a new group

  5. Give the group a Name. This will be the same name that will appear in Okta.

  6. Add a Description (optional).

  7. Click Select in the Members section to add group members.

  8. Choose the group’s members using one or both methods - create conditions or select employees:

    • Create a set of conditions:

      •  Click + Add condition and select the desired values in each of the dropdowns from left to right.
        Note: If you're using groups already created in Bob, select By Group in the left dropdown to add the group(s).

      • Repeat to add more conditions.

        • Note: All conditions must be met for a person to be included in the group.

      • Click Apply

    • Select specific employees 

      • Click on the Specific employees dropdown.

      • Scroll or search for the employee(s) that you’d like to select and click to add.

      • Click Apply

  9. Once you’ve finished selecting all of your group members, click Apply to save and close the window

Note: Groups will be imported to Okta along with any other new information, whenever you conduct an import from Bob to Okta.

How to edit a group to use in Okta

To make any changes to your group members in the SCIM integration section of bob, follow these instructions.

  1. In the Okta tile, click Manage.

  2. Click on the three-dot menu on the right-hand of the group you wish to edit.

  3. Select Edit.

  4. Click Edit in the Members section to change the group members.

    • To delete a condition: hover over it and click the trash icon that appears to the right of the condition.

    • To remove a specific person: click on the Specific employees dropdown and deselect whoever you wish and click Apply

  5. Click Apply once you’ve completed all of your edits

  6. Once you are done editing click Save

How to delete a group for use in Okta

To delete a group that was made for use in Okta using the SCIM integration:

  1. Click on the three-dot menu next to the group,

  2. Click Delete.

  3. Click Delete.

Note: This action cannot be undone.