Goals in Bob is designed to help you quickly and clearly create, measure, and collaborate on individual and wider-reaching goals in your organization.

Get the most out of Bob

Goals allows you to map out and measure your own and others' goals.

The goals area is divided into:

  • My goals, which are personal goals.
  • People's goals, which are goals created by people you manage.
  • Department's goals, which are organized for teams or groups of employees.
  • Company goals, which are created by company leaders and organized for the entire company to contribute to.

Goals follow the objective and key results (OKR) goal-setting framework, a method with a high-level objective under which there are one or more measurable key results to achieve it. OKRs are set at the individual, department, and company levels that can be connected so that everyone is aligned in their work to fulfill the company’s vision and mission.

OKR Examples


Company and Department OKR Individual OKR
Objective Increase customer retention Launch customer community
Key result Increase response rate by 18% Interview top 10 customers to understand needs and wants
Key result Foster greater interaction with and among clients Hold mini-webinar series in July
Key result Send out monthly product updates Research community platforms, narrow down to top 3


How do I use goal information in performance review cycles?
If enabled by your organization's HR admin, people's goals can be viewed when conducting performance reviews using the goals side panel to empower people in your org to make informed reviews without leaving the performance review screen. To learn more, see View goals data in performance reviews.

How do I set permissions?
If you’re an admin, you can set the permissions for Goals in a way that best suits your organization. To learn more, see Create a custom permission group.

How do I import goals?
If you have permission to create employees' goals in bulk, you can import the goals data easily. To learn more, see Import individual goals in bulk.