Creating a goal can be done for yourself, an employee you manage, or your department or company, where you can specify the owner of the goal. As a result, you can create a goal in several areas, depending on what your company has granted you permission for.

  • My goals is the section that allows you to manage and collaborate with your manager on your own individual goals. Learn how to create personal goals per quarter(s), a specific date range, or year.
  • People's goals is the section with a summary of the goal progress of all of the people you are allowed to see in your company, look up individual employees' goals, and manage people's goals in bulk.

    Tip: This area is great for managers and admins who are managing other people, but a company may also open wider permissions if they wish to allow everyone to see everyone's goals.

  • Department's goals is the section with a summary of the goal progress of the department's goals by department e.g., Product goals, Finance goals, etc.
  • Company's goals is the section with a summary of the goal progress of the company goals.

FYI: Access to this capability is managed by your company's HR admin. If you do not have access and believe you should reach out to them.

Get the most out of Bob

  • Bob will guide you in creating your goal step-by-step. During the goal creation, you'll be able to set your objective, key results, timeframe, and visibility as well as align it with higher-level goals in your department and/or company. You can create a new goal, duplicate a previously created goal, or edit an existing goal.
  • If several people are working towards a similar goal, you can create a goal and simultaneously assign it to multiple people. Create a copy of the same goal for selected employees that they can manage on an individual basis and be managed by the manager and admin.

How to create a goal

  1. From the left menu, select Talent > Goals.
  2. Select My goals, People’s goals, Department’s goals, or Company goals.
  3. Click + New goal.
  4. In the Objective section, enter your objective name and description (optional).
  5. In the Details section, select the Time frame as a Date range with a Start Date and End Date, or as a Preset for This quarter, This year, Next quarter, or Next year.
  6. From the Type dropdown menu, select Individual for a personal goal or employee's goal you manage, Department for a department goal, or Company for a company goal.
  7. In the Owner dropdown menu, select who the goal belongs to.
    • To create an individual goal for multiple people, in Type select Individual, then select multiple people in Owner.

      Note: When a goal is created in My goals and Individual is the Type selected, the owner is automatically assigned to yourself, and selecting an owner is not an option.

  8. For a Department type goal, in the Assign to dropdown menu, select which department the goal belongs to.
  9. Select Shared if you want the goal to be visible to people in your organization per the permissions set in your company, or select Personal if you want the goal to be visible to people with specific roles, e.g. your manager, per the permissions set in your company.

    Note: People who have been assigned roles such as Admin or Manager in the system may have permissions that allow them to see other employees’ goals regardless of whether your goals is Shared or Personal.


  10. In the Key Results section, click + Add new.
  11. Fill in Name, then select how it will be assessed in the Measure by dropdown menu.
    • Percentage (%)
    • Numeric with Target number (a whole number of 1 or above)
    • Currency with Type and Target number (a whole number of 1 or above)
    • Complete/Incomplete.
  12. Click Add.
  13. In Additional Details, select a goal from the Aligns to dropdown menu to align your goal to your Company goals and Department’s goals, then click Apply.

    Note: The goals are pulled from the Company and Department's goals sections. You may align company goals once a department goal or personal goal is created.

  14. Add and select Tags from the dropdown menu to add another layer of organization to your goals. You can group goals with tags according to topics, such as task management or leadership, allowing you to sort and filter your goals according to tags.
  15. Click Save.


How do I edit, duplicate or delete a goal?
Select the goal you wish to edit, copy, or delete. From the More dropdown menu, select Edit, Duplicate, or Delete. You can only edit or duplicate goals you have permissions for such as goals in My goals, People’s goals with employees you manage, Department’s goals within your own department, or Company goals if you are the owner of the goal.