Empower your people with Your Voice, a safe and inviting space for them to voice their concerns and report misconduct. Your Voice anonymous reporting tool helps foster and scale an inclusive culture built on trust as your organization grows while helping you comply with the whistleblowing regulations a breeze along with an unmatched level of security.

How to use Your Voice as an anonymous sender

Anyone in the organization and people outside the organization (e.g. vendors and contractors), may:

Voice as a representative

The Your Voice case management area, “Manage your voice” is only available to the designated representatives. Please contact support or your designated account manager to manage this. Designated representatives may:


How does Your Voice maintain people’s anonymity?

Your Voice doesn't require any identifying information besides a personal email. This email will be kept confidential and will only be used as an address for directing the representative’s replies. The organization's representative receives the anonymous message from Your Voice without any identifying information.