Your voice makes it easy to enable an inclusive culture built on trust. The anonymous communications channel encourages people to consult the company’s representatives regarding misconduct and voice concerns without the fear of negative implications.

Get the most out of Bob

Accessible on the web and mobile, our welcoming interface lets people communicate with the company’s representative while their identity remains hidden. Your identity will remain hidden from the representative at all times while managing your case. To learn more, see Getting started with Your voice.

How to submit a new case in Your voice

  1. From the Home page, select Discuss anonymously.

  2. Click Open Your voice.

    Note: Your voice is external to enable you to share any questions or concerns on your mind anonymously.

  3. Enter your message in the text box.

    Tip: Generally describe an incident or concern you have. Keep your identity private, and avoid mentioning personal identifiers, e.g., specific people or teams.

  4. Click Next.
  5. From the dropdown menus, select the case category, the representative to handle the case, and your personal email address.

    Note: Your company may have one or multiple representatives that may support one or more categories. Your email address is kept anonymous, but it’s recommended you enter your non-work email address to ensure your privacy. If you enter your company email, a message will appear and recommend using your personal email address.

  6. Click Send message
    You will receive a verification email from Your voice. You must verify your message via email to send your case to the representative.
  7. Click Verify email in the body of the email you receive.
    Your message will be sent to the Your voice representative selected, and you will receive a copy of your message with your Case ID via email. It is recommended you keep this Case ID for future tracking. You’ll receive an email for each reply and update regarding your case.

Note: Forgot to mention something? Refer back to the email with the copy of your message and click Send another message.

How to reply to a representative’s response in Your voice

When a representative responds to your message via Your voice, you’ll receive an email containing the representative’s response and a unique link to the Your voice platform regarding your submission. To reply to the representative:

  1. Click Reply here in the email.
    The Your voice platform will open.
  2. Enter your message in the text box.
  3. Click Send message.
    Your message will be sent to the same representative, and you will receive a copy of it along with your case ID via email. You’ll receive an email for each reply and update regarding your case.

Note: You may decide to share your identity or any specific identifiers only if and when you feel comfortable.


What do I do if I haven’t received the verification email?

If you did not receive the email, go back to Your voice, then click Resend it. Re-enter your email address, then click Send.