It's easy to create your own custom dashboard and add your favorite from those already available in the out of the box dashboards.


How to create a new dashboard

  1. Click on + New dashboard at the top right of any dashboard.

  2. Enter your dashboard name.

  3. Select the widgets you want to track on your dashboard by clicking the desired widget from the list on the left to the right.

  4. Click the three-dot menu to the right of each selected widget to Rename it or Delete it from the dashboard.

  5. Drag and drop the selected widgets to set the order in which you’d like them to be displayed on the dashboard

  6. Click Apply


How can I edit a custom dashboard?

Click the Actions buttons on the top right and select Edit. Then move or delete the widgets in the list on the right.

Note: Out of the box dashboards cannot be edited.

Can I duplicate my custom dashboard?

Sure you can duplicate a dashboard. Click the Actions buttons on the top right and select Duplicate. then give it a new name and click Duplicate. You can then edit the dashboard by adding or removing widgets.

Can I duplicate a widget within a custom dashboard?

In custom dashboards you can duplicate widgets by clicking the three-dots menu in the widget and selecting Customize > Duplicate. Then give it a name and click Duplicate. The duplicated widget will be placed right after the original widget so you can easily compare them. Click Remove from dashboard ito remove the widget from your custom dashboard.

Note: You can only duplicate widgets when viewing a custom dashboard - not from an out of the box dashboard.