View the company time off calendar

If you need to check which of your colleagues will be away during a specific period you can use the company time off calendar.

Note: If you do not have permissions to view your colleagues’ time off you will not have access to the calendar.


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For all employees, the time off calendar can be particularly useful when planning when to take time off. For example, if you want to check how many of your team members will be working during a week you plan to be on vacation, you can check your team’s time off calendar.

For managers, the time off calendar allows you to check who will be away on certain dates before you approve or decline time off requests directly from the side bar next to the calendar. For full details about managing your employee's time off see Manage time off requests.

How to view the time off calendar

  1. From the left menu select Time > People’s time off.

    By default, the calendar is filtered by Team - so it shows all time off booked for the current month by your colleagues, or your team if you are a manager. 
  2. To view the calendar for a previous or upcoming month, click the arrow next to the month name and select a month.
  3. Click Today to return the calendar to the current day. 
  4. To filter the calendar so it shows only employees who have made a time off request on a specific date day, click the day at the top of the calendar.
  5. To change the view so the calendar shows a week at a time, click Month next to the Filters dropdown and select Week.

Note: Policies that an administrator has hidden will not appear in the company's time off calendar. Policies whose name has been hidden - e.g. “Sickness” - will be shown but no name will be displayed.

How to filter the time off calendar

You can filter the calendar to display only a specific group of employees.

  1. Click Filters to open the Quick filters popup
  2. Select the site(s), department(s) and team(s) to display in the calendar.
  3. Click Apply.

You can also click Switch to advanced filters to filter the calendar by a variety of additional parameters.


Can I export the time off calendar?

Yes, you can export the time off calendar to an external calendar service, such as Google calendar or Outlook. Click View calendar links below the calendar, copy the link and paste it into your calendar service. For full details see How to export company time off to an external calendar.