As a system administrator (Admin), you have enhanced functionality on the Time-Off section. You'll be able to create reports, request on the employee’s behalf, cancel and approve requests, and change an employee’s holiday policy. 

Let's go over some of the options...

Approving Leave & Company Calendar 

As an Admin, you have access to all the leave requests made across your organization. To access them, head over to the Time-Off section > Requests and expand the selection. 

You'll then be able to approve or decline any pending requests. You'll also have access to the company Time-Off calendar, which gives you full oversight on where and when your employees are booking leave.


People's Time Off 

Click along to the next tab labeled 'People's Time-Off' and you'll be presented with a table view for all of your employees. From this section of the platform, you'll be able to download existing leave data. 

If you need to quickly assign or remove policies, adjust days taken or view the remaining balance, you can do so via the 'Actions' button. 

As you'll see from the example below, I've used the table to filter by the departments; Accounting, Admin, and Audit, and assigned them all to a holiday policy.