Hibob & Aviva 

bob has teamed up with Aviva, one of the best-known names in insurance, to offer auto-enrolment for workplace pensions.

Our alliance with Aviva gives employers using bob direct access to a reputable and established provider, and makes it easier than ever for employers to do their auto-enrolment.

You can set up a workplace pension with Aviva through bob, by logging in and going to the Benefits Store.

As you are led through the auto-enrolment process, Aviva is one of the providers on offer through bob and you can easily see what your options and costs would be.

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Hibob & Smart Pensions 

Smart Pension is a provider of workplace pensions that is intended to make the process as quick and easy as possible. They use technology to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to set up and run a compliant workplace pension scheme.


With Smart Pension, you can set up your workplace pension in 25mins. When you use bob as well, it's just 10 minutes!

Why bob & Smart Pension work well together:

bob provides software to help companies sort the people stuff, including workplace pensions. bob is designed to make it quick, easy and enjoyable to get all your people stuff sorted. That includes sorting your workplace pensions.

This is where Smart Pension and bob come together. Using the data about your people that is already held and updated in bob, you can sort your pensions even faster than you can with Smart Pension alone. 

More info:

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