If employee attendance is not being uploaded to Bob from your Xiaomi auto clock we recommend to do the the following in the clock device interface:

Enable autostart and no battery restrictions

  1. Search for Bob from the device’s search bar.

  2. Long-press Bob.

  3. Select App info.

  4. Under Permissions, enable Autostart.

  5. Select Battery saver and switch Bob to No restrictions.

Note: Despite the term “Battery saver,” switching to this state should not change the usage in a significant way. Bob is already optimized to use a very low battery power. 

Lock Bob

  1. Open the Recent apps button.
    This usually the square button on the bottom of the device.

  2. Locate Bob and long-press it.

  3. Tap the lock icon

Note: This should not increase the battery usage as the app is switched to Suspended mode in the background which keeps its resources to a minimum.