The Bob integration allows you to automatically take newly-hired candidates from Lever and add them to Bob.

Integration Details


How it works

Integration type

One-way via API

Direction of data flow

Partner app to Bob

Sync frequency

The candidate will be pushed to Bob when they are marked as Hired in Lever

Data Mapping

Bob Field

Lever Field

Reports to

Offer Direct Manager


Candidate's 1st Email

First name

Candidate Name

Last name

Candidate Name


Job Posting Location


Job Posting Department

Personal phone

Candidate's 1st Home Phone

Personal mobile

Candidate's 1st Mobile Phone

Social / Facebook

Candidate Links

Social / Linkedin

Candidate Links

Social / Twitter

Candidate Links

Employment contract

Job Posting Commitment

Salary / Base salary

Offered Compensation Amount

Salary / Base salary

Compensation Currency

Salary / Salary pay period

Type of Earnings

  • Custom fields from Lever's Offer section will be automatically mapped if they have the same name as Bob fields.
  • Documents: Candidate Resume, Offer and Other files will be pulled from Lever and stored in the employee's confidential docs.

How to set up Lever integration in Bob

Step 1: In Lever

  1. Select Settings from the right drop-down menu. Lever-1.png
  2. From the left menu, select Integrations and API. Lever-2.png
  3. Scroll down to HRIS and onboarding. mceclip0.png
  4. Click the Bob toggle and then click Generate New Key. Lever-4.png

    Note: Write down the API key. This will be needed for the Lever integration set up in Bob.

  5. Click Done at the bottom of the key generation panel. Lever-5.png
  6. From left menu, select Integrations, and then click the Webhooks tab. Lever-6.png
  7. Under Webhook signing token, generate a new signature token or copy the existing one; this will be needed for the Lever integration setup in Bob.

Step 2: In Bob

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Integration.
  2. Click Recruitment.
  3. In the Lever tile, click Connect.
  4. Paste the API Key and the Signature Token from Lever. Lever-7.png
  5. Click Generate URL & Secret.

Step 3: In Lever

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Integrations > Check “CANDIDATE HIRED” and click Add Webhook.
  2. Paste the URL generated in Bob.

    Note: To configure notifications in Bob, please see ATS Notifications.