Set up attendance-approved locations

Clock Locations gives you the ability to define your employees’ permitted work locations, while you continue to benefit from the robust Attendance tool. Set up attendance locations in the attendance settings wizard.

Get the most out of Bob

Using IP-based restrictions, this Attendance feature gives you the power to decide where your employees can clock in and out from.

Only want employees to log hours from the office? Just turn on Clock Locations in the Settings and define your desired IP address, or multiple addresses for multiple office locations.

How to set approved locations for attendance Screen_Shot_2021-11-23_at_16.23.06.png

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Attendance.
  2. Click + New attendance settings or select an existing attendance setting to update.

    Note: If you select an existing attendance setting, from the Actions dropdown menu, select Edit.

  3. In the Restrictions & Validations step of the wizard, enable Enforce IP rule in Clock locations.
  4. Enter the IP name, then enter the IP addresses in the From and To fields.

    Tip: Click + Add rule to enter other IP names and addresses for multiple locations.

  5. Click Next until you reach the final step of the wizard.
  6. Click Done.
    People will be able to clock in and out only when connected to the specific networks added. If they are out of range, the attendance functionality will be disabled. They can still use the app on mobile or desktop/laptop.