Don't Miss Out on Insights

Often the most valuable information collected in a survey is contained in text responses to open-ended questions. However, reading through hundreds of free-form text answers and understanding what issues are most pressing can be daunting, and at scale, even impossible. These are detailed answers that often contain a great deal of insight into the issues that are most important to employees. Here at bob we want to help make this task easier.

How does it work?

bob free text analyzer uses specialized natural language processing algorithms to assign common survey topics to free-form text answers (up to 5 topics per answer). In your survey results, right alongside the answers themselves you can filter answers by topic. This way you can focus on one issue at a time. You get the full picture of how employees feel about each topic with minimal context switching.

Additionally, just by viewing the percentage of answers assigned to each topic you can gauge employee sentiment without reading a single answer: For example, 28% of employees think we can improve in the area of communication. (Note that percentages can add up to more than 100% because each answer can be relevant to several topics).

Answers that are very general, like “everything is fine,” or overly specific, will not be grouped into a topic. They will appear as “other” in the topic list.