Analyze free-text survey responses

The topic analyzer in Company surveys uses specialized natural language processing algorithms to assign common survey topics to free text answers (up to 5 topics per answer). This feature allows you to get valuable information from text responses to open-ended questions while shortening the time needed to analyze them.

Get the most out of Bob

You can filter answers by topic within survey results. Focus on one issue at a time and get the full picture of how employees feel about each topic with minimal context switching.

How to use the topic analyzer

Once your survey is closed, and there are at least 20 responses, the topic analyzer will organize the free-text answers into topics.

  1. From the left menu, select Talent > Surveys > Company surveys.
  2. Click the results icon to the right of the survey you’d like to analyze results.
  3. Select the Questions and Answers tab.
  4. Scroll down to the free text question.

    Tip: Use the Find question dropdown menu to search for specific questions in the survey.

  5. From the Filter by topic dropdown menu, view common topics assigned by the topic analyzer. Topics are organized by the percentage of responses with the Other topic at the end of the list that includes vague or general responses.

    Tip: View the percentage of answers assigned to each topic to gauge employee sentiment without reading a single answer. For example, 28% of employees think we can improve communication.

  6. Select a topic from the dropdown menu to view related responses to the assigned topic.

    Note: Percentages can add up to more than 100% because each answer can be relevant to several topics.