Kudos show your employees they're appreciated, and let them recognize each other too. Kudos are a fun and easy way to celebrate each others' successes, create your culture, and drive employee engagement.

Get the most out of Bob

Kudos enables peer-to-peer recognition, providing: 

  • Employees with a fun way to share their appreciation and express gratitude towards their colleagues.
  • Managers a means to improve employee and team performance.
  • HR admins with a general picture of employee and manager performance.

How to share Kudos

  1. From the left menu, select Home.
  2. Click Give Kudos.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select your audience, then click Apply.

    Tip: Make your Kudos audience specific by choosing a Site and Department to recognize your team members.

  4. Enter a Kudos title.
  5. Write your appreciation or celebration to someone and mention at least one person using an @ tag.

    Tip: Click the style icons below the text box to format your kudos, hyperlink text, and add emojis.

  6. Click Post when you're ready to share your Kudos.
    The posted Kudos will now appear along with Shoutouts on the Home page and will be visible to the selected audience.

    Tip: Click Preview to view your Kudos, then edit it as needed before you post it.

How to set permissions for posting Kudos

Admins can give people permission to give kudos and create other types of posts.

Note: Anyone with permission to post Shoutouts can also post Kudos.

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Roles & Permissions.
  2. From the permission group you'd like to manage, click Manage group.
  3. In Manage permissions, select the Company tab.
  4. Select Shoutouts > Posts.
  5. Enable or disable Compose Shoutouts, Comment on shoutouts, and Pin shoutouts.

    Tip: Give All employees the permission to compose and comment on shoutouts, but consider allowing only Admins to pin shoutouts.

  6. Click Save changes to review the changes summary, then click Apply.