Follow the below steps to connect the bob HR mobile app with Okta.  


Setup bob HR Mobile with Okta

1. Launch Okta's integration wizard and follow their instructions for creating a new app as explained here.

  • When prompted for Sign-on method, select OIDC - OpenID Connect

  • Under Application type, select Native Application and click Next

  • In the Sign-in redirect URIs field, enter com.hibob.okta:/callback

  • In the General Settings section under Grant type, select Authorization Code and Refresh token

  • Press Save

  • Under General tab, go to Client Credentials and copy the value in the Client ID field

  • In Okta's Sign On tab under OpenId Connect ID Token, copy the values from both the Issuer and Audience fields

2. Email the copied Client ID, Issuer, and Audience values to 


Note: The SSO session lifetime will be enforced according to the OKTA SSO Policy

session lifetime.


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