If you would like to use Okta SSO for your employees to log in to the Bob mobile app you'll need to set up the connection separately from the regular Okta integration.

How to set up Bob Mobile with Okta

  1. Launch Okta's integration wizard and follow the instructions for creating a new app as explained in Create custom app integrations in the Okta help center.
  2. When prompted for Sign-on method, select OIDC - OpenID Connect.
  3. Under Application type, select Native Application and click Next.
  4. In the Sign-in redirect URIs field, enter com.hibob.okta:/callback
  5. In the General Settings section under Grant type, select Authorization Code and Refresh token.
  6. Press Save.
  7. In the General tab, go to Client Credentials and copy the value in the Client ID field into a separate document.
  8. In the Sign On tab, go to OpenId Connect ID Token and copy the values from both the Issuer and Audience fields into a separate document.

    Note: If the Issuer field shows Dynamic (based on request domain), click on your account details in the top right corner and copy your Okta domain which is listed below your email address.

  9. Email the copied Client ID, Issuer, and Audience values to support@hibob.com 

Note: The SSO session lifetime will be enforced according to the OKTA SSO Policy session lifetime.