Set up an Employee Onboarding flow

When you hire a new employee, they will go through an onboarding process to be welcomed to the company and be prepared for their first day. This process involves filling in some personal details, submitting documents, meeting their team, and getting an email invitation to join Bob.

Get the most out of Bob

  • With the onboarding template wizard, managers and HR professionals can create a customized onboarding template based on your specific business needs and processes so that your new hires can have a smooth onboarding process.
  • The onboarding template is fit for pre-onboarding, before the start date, and after the first day, saving managers and admins time collecting important employee details.

How to set up a new onboarding template

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Flows.
  2. Select the Employee Onboarding tab.
  3. Click + Add new.
    You will be guided through a series of five steps to building your personalized process.

Step 1: Template details

  1. Fill in the Name and Description for the employee onboarding template and flow.
    This Name will also be the display name when you want to trigger an onboarding process from the configured templates list. The Description helps others on your team know when to use it.
  2. Enable Set notifications if you wish to send an email notification when the onboarding flow is completed. Select the employees who will be notified when the onboarding is complete.
  3. Click Next.

Step 2: Welcome message

The introduction screen will welcome all new joiners when they sign up to begin the onboarding flow.

  1. Fill in the Header, then fill in the Message with information about the company or process.
  2. In Media, attach a picture or a video (optional).
  3. Click Next.

Step 3: Employee details

  1. Select which fields the new joiners should fill in as part of the onboarding process.
    You can choose an entire category, such as every subfield within Basic Info, or you can select specific fields based on your business needs, such as First name, Last name, and Passport number.
  2. Click Next.
  • The displayed categories and fields will be editable to the new joiner only during the onboarding process. Once invited, it will be based on the All people - own data permission group.
  • This step of the onboarding template only asks you to choose which fields are displayed to the new joiner. To enable a mandatory field for new joiners to fill, select Settings > Employee Fields. To learn how to set up mandatory fields, see Set up employee fields.

Step 4: Introductions

In this section, Bob will introduce the new joiner to colleagues and key people within the company.

  1. In Introduce Teammates, select Show employees from the same Department, Show teammates who share the same manager, or Don't show this section.
  2. In Introduce Key People, select employees that may be good for the new joiners to know, such as your company's CEO or IT manager.
  3. Click Next.

Step 5: Welcome email

This step allows you to create two emails that can be sent to your new hires:

  1. In Pre-boarding Email, fill in the Subject and Compose email for the email sent before their start date. In this email, your new joiners will be sent a link to start the onboarding process.

  2. In Start Date Email, fill in the Subject and Compose email for the email sent on their start date. They'll receive this email with a link to join Bob.
  3. Click Next.

    Tip: To personalize these emails, use employee data annotations by clicking the + icon at the top right-hand corner of Compose email. With these annotations, you can personalize the messages Bob sends by using specific fields such as the Employee- First name and Reports to.

Step 6: Docs

This step is for those that require new joiners to upload docs within the onboarding flow.

Note: Any eSign or read approval requests should be requested in the New Hire flow. Those requests will appear in the employee onboarding flow. To learn more, see Set up a New hire flow.

  1. Mark the checkbox Make the Docs step mandatory if you’d like to make sure new joiners upload, read and sign docs in order to continue the onboarding flow.
    The Submit button will be disabled until all document requests are fulfilled.
    • All requests must be fulfilled, including eSign, Read approvals, and Upload (at least one file).
    • If a new joiner deletes all uploaded files, the system will prevent them from continuing the flow until they’ve uploaded at least one file again.
  2. Click + Add upload request if you’d like your new joiner to upload documents as part of the onboarding process.
    • Enter request instructions so new hires know what to upload.
    • From the dropdown menu, select the folder you’d like the uploads to be saved so the new hire does not need to select a folder. Click Add.

      Note: If the new joiners are requested to upload a doc, they need permission to upload docs to at least one employee folder or the configured folder and applied to the folder. You can allow it by editing any permission group the new joiner belongs to in Settings > Permission groups. You can apply an employee to a folder in Settings > Docs > Employee folders.

  3. Mark the checkbox Enable company docs on this template if you would like to show your new joiner the company docs folders they have access to.
  4. Click Done.
    The new Employee Onboarding template will be saved in Flows.

    Note: If the new joiner is required to read and approve any documents from the New Hire wizard settings, they will be able to read and approve these documents during onboarding.

How the onboarding appears to the new joiner

Once the new joiner accepts the invitation, all the steps you've configured will be displayed accordingly as part of the onboarding process.

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 12.54.47.png

Step 1: The Welcome message will be displayed based on the Header, Message, and Media (if included). Click Get started.

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 12.55.03.png

Step 2: The new joiner will be invited to upload a profile picture. Click Next.

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 18.15.37.png

Step 3: The new joiner will be asked to fill in the required employee details. Click Next.

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 12.55.32.png

Step 4: If you requested any documents from your new joiners, they can upload them here and read, approve, and sign any documents previously entered into the New Hire wizard. Click Finish.

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 12.56.37.png

Step 5: The new joiner will be able to see their teammates and the company's key people.

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 12.57.33.png

To learn more about how employees complete the flow, see Complete an onboarding flow.


How do I start the onboarding template with a new joiner?
To trigger the template, you need to invite the new joiners to join Bob. To learn how to add a new hire, see Add a new hire.

Why weren't mandatory fields in the employee profile filled in by the new joiner during onboarding?
A new hire can skip the employee details step during the onboarding wizard. If a new hire chooses not to fill in the fields in the employee details step, Bob does not prevent the new joiner from completing the rest of the onboarding wizard. This gives the new joiner time to become more familiar with Bob and your organization before finalizing the details of their employee profile. On their start date, Bob will direct the new joiner through the onboarding in case mandatory fields need to be completed and mandatory documents need to be uploaded.

Why is the intended destination folder not showing for new hires in their onboarding flow?
Ensure that new hires have permission to upload documents in the All people - own data permission group. To learn more, see Create a document folder.

Why is the Vimeo video link not working in the flow?
Ensure in the Vimeo settings that the video is marked as public.

How do I edit or delete an upload request?
Click the three-dot menu to the right of the request you’d like to change. Select Edit, make your changes, then click Save to make changes to the request. Select Remove, then click Delete to remove the request.

How do I know whether the new joiner can complete their document upload requests?
When inviting a new joiner, the inviter receives a notification if the invitee s not applied or doesn’t have sufficient permissions to the configured folders. The alert directs the manager or admin to this article to learn how to set up document requests.

What happens if I do not select a folder to save an uploaded file?
New joiners will need to select the destination folder to save the file. We recommend you select the folder in advance to help save time and possible confusion for new joiners when selecting folders during the onboarding flow.

What happens if I change the onboarding template while a new joiner is in the onboarding process?
You’ll see a notification strip at the top of the flow wizard indicating the number of and which people are currently in the onboarding flow. New joiners going through the onboarding process will see changes applied to the template even after being invited. For example, if you’ve invited a new joiner to complete the onboarding flow, but you’ve added a mandatory field to the employee details section afterward, the new joiner will need to complete the mandatory field once they’ve begun the onboarding flow.