Different companies need different reports for payroll. In the scheduling section, you can easily select which reports you need, consolidate them into a single payroll report, and schedule when you'd like the report to be sent to your email address. The report can even be sent to external recipients!

How to create a consolidated payroll report

  1. Enter the Reports section

  2. Navigate to the Scheduling tab on the top of the screen

  3. Select the New Schedule button


On the New Schedule screen:

  1. Choose your scheduling title (e.g. My Payroll Report)

  2. Under Choose Recipients, add any employees from your company. For recipients outside of bob, simply add their external email addresses. 

  3. Under the Choose reports multi-select dropdown list, select any reports that exist in bob.

  4. Now, set the frequency. On the bottom section of the screen, choose the frequency at which you'd like the report to be sent, and set the specific date and time. 

  5. Before you're done, choose the format you'd like the report to be exported as (xlsx or CSV) and insert a password (if desired). If you want the reports to be consolidated into one excel file divided into different individual excel sheets, mark the Merge report to multiple sheets checkbox. If you want to receive each report in a separate excel file, leave this box unchecked. 

  6. Click Save to save your scheduling for later, or Save and run now if you want the report to be generated immediately.


Last step: Make sure your scheduling is toggled on in the main scheduling screen. You can always turn it off later.