Integrating with OneLogin allows you to automatically create users in Bob for new hires or update changes to employee profiles and deactivate users when employees leave the company. 

Integration Details

Detail How it works

Integration type

One-way via API

Direction of data flow

Bob to OneLogin

Sync trigger

An event

Sync frequency

  • Employee created
  • Employee joined
  • Employee updated

Note: By default, users will begin synchronization on their start date.

Support information

Data Mapping

Note: After connecting the integration you can customize the data mapping in the Provisioning settings. To learn more, see Map data for provisioning integrations.

Bob field OneLogin field
Email Email
Email Username
First name First Name
Last name Last Name
Work phone Phone number
Work mobile Work Cell
Title Title
Department Department
Manager Manager

Before you begin

In order to activate the OneLogin integration with Bob you'll need to obtain the following details:

  • OneLogin Client ID.
  • OneLogin Secret Key.

For full details about how to create the required credentials, see Working with API Credentials.

Note: Please make sure to assign the Manage users permission to the credentials above. 

How to set up OneLogin provisioning in Bob

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Integrations.
  2. Select Provisioning
  3. In the OneLogin tile, click Connect.
  4. On the Let's integrate page, click Connect.
  5. In the Region dropdown select your region: US or EU.
  6. Enter your Client ID.
  7. Enter your Client Secret.
  8. Click Apply.


By default, employee active/inactive status in Bob will be synced to OneLogin. There are two additional possible behaviors as specified below. If you'd like to change from the default behavior, see Manage provisioning integration settings.

You can also manually sync the data. To learn more, see How to manually sync the data.

The supported options are:

  • Use Bob employee status: If the Bob employee is active, the newly created OneLogin user will also be active. If the bob employee is inactive, the newly created OneLogin user will be deactivated.

  • Always Activate: All created OneLogin users will be active.

  • Always Suspend: All created OneLogin users will be deactivated.


Will users created before the OneLogin integration was created be synchronized to OneLogin?
Yes, Bob users created before the OneLogin integration will be synchronized in OneLogin once one of the mapped properties is updated for an employee in Bob. Users not yet created in OneLogin will be created, while existing users will be updated. You can also request Bob's support team to trigger all employees' synchronization to OneLogin.

Is it possible to deactivate all newly created users in OneLogin? 
Yes, Bob's support team can configure the OneLogin integration so that all newly created users will be deactivated. The reverse is also possible: the integration can be configured so that all newly created users will be activated.