The Audit Report helps you track the data changes made to any employee field made to an employee throughout the entire company history.

You can see who made those changes within Bob, and when the changes were made. 


How to use the Audit Report

  1. From the left menu select Analytics > Reports > Company reports and search for Audit report.
  2. Use the default filters to filter the report by Date range, site and/or department, employment status and whether to include new joiners.

  3. Click Advanced to filter by additional parameters.
  4. Click the Column picker icon to add or remove columns.
  5. Click the Download icon to download the report as a CSV or XLS file.

Note: The Children, Equity, Training, and Right to Work sections are currently unavailable in the Audit Report.


What is the difference between the Changes Report and the Audit Report?

The Changes Report displays changes of fields (e.g. salary, job title) related to the employee's lifecycle in the selected timeframe. Each record represents an effective date and the changes occurred at this date (note that this might be several fields) .

The Audit Report displays the log of any change to any field of the employee through the entire company history. Each record represents a single field that changed, according to the date the change was made. It also includes data related to the change such as changed by or value before/after.

Why do I not see values from custom tables in the Audit Report?

Custom tables are not included in the report because they are not Employee profile data.