We make sure to log data and changes made so you can always be on top of your data, what has been changed, by who and when. With bob's audit report you can dig into all changes made in the system and never be surprised again.

What is the Audit Report?

The Audit Report helps you track the data changes that are made in bob. The report provides you with information on all the changes of any field made to an employee throughout the entire company history. Additionally, you can see who made those changes within bob, and when the changes were made. 


Using the Audit Report

To access the Audit Report, navigate to Reports > Audit, then select New Audit Report. Then, you can begin customizing the report:

  1. Choose the information you want to view using the Column picker. You can choose to see specific data about the change (e.g. Changed field, Original value, Updated value) and about the employees themselves (e.g. Name, Email, Base salary).

    Note about change fields Information about changes made in bob are shown in the change fields (e.g. Changed field, Original value, Updated value). 

    - The Changed by field shows who made the change in bob.
    - The Date of change field represents the date the change was made
    - The Effective date field is the date when the change takes effect. For example, if a base salary was changed on Dec. 15th but will only go into effect on Jan. 1st, the Date of change will be Dec. 15th, while the Effective date will be Jan 1st. 

  2. Use the Filter below the Column picker to focus on what is most important to you. For example, if you only want to know about the changes made for employees in the London Marketing department, you can select View > Site > London, and View > Department > Marketing to narrow the data that gets displayed.     3. You can save, download or setup a scheduled report to periodically receive the report directly to your inbox using the buttons in the menu bar.


Note: The Children, Equity, Training, and Right to Work sections are currently unavailable in the Audit Report.

What is the difference between the Changes Report and the Audit Report?

The Changes Report displays changes of fields (e.g. salary, job title) related to the employee lifecycle in the selected timeframe. Each record represents an effective date and the changes occurred at this date (note that this might be several fields) .

On the other hand, the Audit Report displays the log of any change to any field of the employee through the entire company history. Each record represents a field that changed (only one field) according to the date the change was made (e.g., the date someone made the change in the system — the effective date could be different). It also includes data related to the change such as changed by, value before/after, etc.