Configure an org structure with grouped fields

One type of employee field that you can configure is a hierarchy-type list field.

Grouped fields are a custom hierarchy-type employee field that you can create with at least a primary and secondary field combination.

Get the most out of Bob

  • Create a field made up of a multi-level list for multi-selection, making finding the desired values easy.
  • Set up fields that specifically support your organizational structure to help you streamline your internal processes.

How to set up grouped fields

In the following steps, you'll be guided through a sample process of creating and using Grouped Fields to set up an organizational structure in Bob.

  1. Go to Settings > Employee fields
  2. In the category you'd like to add a new field, click the three-dot menu to the right of the desired category, then select Add New Field.
  3. Enter the Name for the new field.
  4. From the Type dropdown menu, select Hierarchy List.
  5. Mark the checkbox Mandatory field if you would like this field to be mandatory across Bob in New Hire Template, Employee Onboarding, Approvals, and the Employee Profile, for example.
  6. If you would not like to allow partial selection of the grouped fields, mark the checkbox Disallow partial selection.

    When configuring a Group Field based on organizational structure, disallowing partial selection means that an entire group of fields will be selected together, in this case, a whole branch of your organization at once and will also include employees that are part of a division, team and business unit for instance.

  7. Enter a field description that will be displayed next to the field name label under Description.
  8. Select which of your company's sites you would like this field to be visible by clicking Applies to and choosing the desired sites. If left blank, the field will be viewable on all company sites.


  9. Click + Add in the Manage Hierarchy List section.
  10. Enter the values you want to appear in your new hierarchy list. Click enter or the + icon to add additional values. Press Tab to indent the value and move it one step down in the hierarchy. You can also drag and drop the values to reorder your hierarchies.
    From the Levels tab, you'll see the values you added in the Hierarchy tab populated into the parentheses next to the correlating hierarchy Level.


  11. In each Level field, enter the label you want to appear in the employee profile when the correlating values from the hierarchy list are selected.
  12. To make each hierarchy level label viewable in the employee profile and reports, toggle on Show.
  13. Click Save.


How to use grouped fields in employee profiles

  1. Access an employee profile from the People Directory by searching or clicking an avatar
  2. Scroll or search for the category where you added a grouped field and click on the pencil icon.
  3. Go to the grouped field and select the desired value or values.


  4. Click Apply.
  5. Click Done.
    You will now see the selected values and the level labels based on your selections. Any grouped field created is available across the platform via column pickers and advanced filters.


Tip: Use grouped fields in employee changes, new hire, and onboarding flows.