Bob’s Integrations give you the flexibility to connect directly to dozens of third-party systems.

After you connect an integration, any changes made to your mapped employee data in Bob - such as new hires, terminations and employee updates - will be automatically updated in the third-party system. 


Tip: We recommend your IT department set up and manage integrations. To learn more about how to grant them permissions to do this, see Create a custom permission group.

Get the most out of Bob

  • Combine your favorite tools with Bob.
  • Test integrations with confidence in Sandbox. To learn more, see Getting started with Sandbox.

    FYI: This capability is available only for customers that have purchased Sandbox. To learn more, see HiBob's HRIS features.

  • We understand the importance of integrations, so we are continuously working on integrating Bob with more third-party systems. 

Third-party systems

The third-party systems Bob can integrate with include:

In addition, over 30 third-party partners have built their own integrations with Bob via API.

How to connect Bob with an integrated tool

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Integrations.
  2. Select a third-party system or search by name.
  3. Under the desired tile, click Connect.
  4. On the configuration screen, enter the fields or respond to the prompts as requested.

To learn more about how to integrate with each specific system, see the Integrations guides.

Note: After connecting an integration you can return to the setup screen from the Integrations page by clicking Manage under the tool name.