As you may have noticed you do not see Recruitee on in Settings > Integration > Recruitment, this is because this integration was kindly built and is supported by Recruitee. 

Set up 

To set up the integration please have a look at the article from Recruitee's help centre. Once you are at step 3 you can generate the needed credentials from Settings > Integrations > Recruitment > Hire API.



Once the integration is complete you can set who should receive notifications of the new hire here;




On Going Support 

As this integration was built by Recruitee HiBob does not have any visibility over it. We support the API the integration uses but not the integration itself. If you are having an issue please contact the Recruitee support team first or have a look at their help centre. If Recruitee believes that there is an issue with the API then we will be able to assist. If this is the case please have them contact us at with the following data; what API call did they run and what was the response from our servers, from here we will work with them directly.