My tasks is your area to manage any tasks assigned to you, track task progress, and mark tasks as completed. Whether you’re given tasks as part of your onboarding process, a highly anticipated promotion, or new initiatives within your organization, you can manage your tasks here.

Get the most out of Bob

My tasks is your personal checklist with all the tasks that are awaiting your completion. This area shows all of your open tasks by default. Scroll through to review your tasks or filter by:

  • Due date
  • Status including Incomplete and Completed tasks
  • Who the task is requested for, whether it’s yourself or people you manage
  • Task list

How to mark a task as complete

  1. From the left menu, select Tasks > My tasks.

    Note: To enter My tasks, you can also select the notification to complete a task from the notifications icon in the top right of your screen beside your profile picture or select the Complete tasks bar visible to you on your homepage if you have tasks.

  2. Click the checkmark to mark the task as complete.
    The completed task will be removed from view and only visible when filtering for completed tasks.

    Tip: Made a mistake and want to mark the task as incomplete? From the Status dropdown menu, select Incomplete, then click Apply. Click the green checkmark to mark the task as incomplete.