Tasks helps you and your team stay organized and on top of company tasks. This is where you’ll monitor your task progress, reassign tasks, mark tasks as completed, or nudge others to complete their tasks.

The Tasks module is made up of three sections to help you manage your HR operations smoothly. My tasks displays all of the tasks that have been assigned to you, while People’s tasks houses tasks assigned to other people for whom you have view permission. Manage tasks is for Admins to monitor progress.

There are two main types of tasks:

  • General tasks that are manually marked as done

  • Automated tasks such as emails or feedback requests

To learn more about task lists and the various types of tasks, see Set up a task list.

How to use Tasks

My tasks

My tasks is your personal checklist with all the tasks that are awaiting your completion. You can:

  • Mark the checkbox to the right of the task to mark as done. The completed task will be removed from view and will be seen only when filtering for closed tasks.
  • If you have many tasks to navigate, you can filter based on due date, closed and open tasks and group by assignee, task list, and more.

To learn more about My tasks, see Getting started with My tasks.

People’s tasks and Manage tasks

The People’s tasks view is accessible only when having People's tasks permissions. It is essentially an extension of My tasks, where you have full oversight of outstanding tasks for people you manage or whose goals you have access to view. You can:

  • Filter the tasks by site, task due date, whether the task status is closed or open, and group by assignee, task list, and more.
  • Review, reassign, nudge and mark your people’s tasks as done.

If you're an Admin, you can also Manage tasks. To learn more about managing tasks, see Manage Tasks and View a Task Activity log.