After you have completed setting up your provisioning integration, you can use the Settings section in the Manage integration screen to define how and when users will be synced to your provisioning provider.


How to manage provisioning settings

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Integrations.
  2. Click Provisioning.
  3. In the integration tile, click Manage.

The following options are available:


Controls when the employee will be synced to the provisioning provider.

  • On Employee Start Date (Default) - Bob will provision the employee upon the employee start date.

  • On Employee Creation - Bob will provision the employee on the same time its created in bob.

User Status

 Here you can control in which status the employee will be created in the provisioning provider.

  • According to the employee status in Bob (Default) - When adding a new employee in Bob with a future start date, before the start date the employee will be suspended in the provisioning provider. Once the start date is reached, the employee will be changed into active in the provisioning provider.

  • Always as active - The employee will be created with status Active.

  • Always as Inactive - the employee will be created with status Inactive.


If your company is using multiple domains in Bob, you can control which domain should be provisioned. When left blank all domains will be provisioned.


  • *Default Password - Select the default password that will be set for new employees.
  • **Change password on first login - When marked employees will be required to change their default password upon initial login.
  • Disabling trigger - When marked bob with disable the employee in the provisioning provider upon termination date, last day as the office or delete employee file (the earliest of the three).

*Applies to - Gsuite, Azure and JumpCloud provisioning systems.

**Applies to - Gsuite.

Audit Log 

Use the audit log in order to check the synced users.

If it shows a failure, click on the three-dot menu to get more details.