Review employee's time off settings

As an Administrator, you can review a given employee's time off settings for each policy the employee is currently assigned off. This clarifies the calculation variables that are taken into consideration when reviewing the balance audit.

Key benefits

  • Quickly access the employee's specific time off settings (without the need to navigate away to the time off setting, locate the policy and review how it is set up).

  • A single location where the employee's complete time off profile is found. No gather bits of information from several locations (general time off settings, the employee card, or the People's time off grid).

Starting point

Via the People's time off grid, click an employee.

The employee's time off screen will open.

You will see the following tabs:

  • Balance: this tab shows the employee's balance per policy type in a form of cards, where each card is a policy type the employee is assigned to. The card can be expanded to show the full audit for current and previous time off cycles.617ba633e2035

  • Manage: this new tab (only available for Admin), will show for each policy the employee is currently assigned to, the complete time off profile (or settings).617ba63488ed3

The Manage tab

This tab provides an overview and detailed view of each policy to which the employee is currently assigned to. Using the policy type dropdown menu, you can review all the policies the employee is assigned to (one at a time).

Current settings - Overview mode

This mode provides the key elements which make up the policy the employee is assigned to:

  • Effective date: this is the date the employee was assigned to the policy and is currently assigned to. If the employee is no longer assigned to any policy or is assigned to a future date, the settings will not show.

  • Policy name: the name of the policy the employee is currently assigned to.

  • Unit: An indication whether the policy is tracked in days or in hours

  • Balance tracking: this shows whether the policy the employee is assigned to is tracked that is tracked or that is not tracked. A policy whose balance that is tracked means that the employee has a predefined or earned allowance entitlement that any time off taken is deducted from the balance, and as such, has a set of rules and regulations (such as carryover limitations, maximum and negative balance and increase of allowance based on years of service). A policy whose balance is not tracked is a policy which practically has unlimited balance. The employee can book as many days as needed with no constraints when it comes to balance handling.

  • Annual Allowance: This will show the employee's current allowance entitlement as per the policy settings, taking into consideration any allowance increase that is triggered by the years of service definitions.
    Example: if the employee is assigned to a policy called "Holiday UK -25 days", and the base allowance for the policy is indeed 25 days, the employee's (current) annual allowance might already be higher due to the change in years of service increase. (see Detailed view section below by clicking the "View full settings").

  • Cycle: this is the cycle that the employee is assigned to. In the preview mode, the cycle will show in its simple syntax which looks like this:
    - Cycle closing frequency
    - Activity period
    - Cutoff days
    - Carryover date

    For example: a monthly cycle that runs from 27th - 26th, with 4 cutoff days (that is activity period is locked on the 30th) and the yearly carry over happens every year on January first, will look like this:
    For a more detailed view of the cycle, please click the "View full settings"
  • Approvers: This will show, for the policy the employee is currently assigned to, the approval settings. If the settings state that for this policy approval is required, it will show the 1st and 2nd level (when applicable) of approval. Clicking on the avatar will show the full name of each approver.

In case there is no approval set for this policy, it will show "No approval required" but will still show the person who will be notified when the request is submitted. Click the avatar for the full name of the person who is notified of such requests.


Current settings - Full settings

Click the "View full settings" to open a popup that will show the complete time off settings for a policy the employee is assigned to.

Based on the previous screen policy type selection, the popup shows the policy type and its colour prominently at the top.


This pop up is broken down into sections:

  1. General section: provides general information about the policy and the policy type

  2. Cycle: provides a detailed breakdown of the cycle that the employee is assigned to.

  3. Allowance: this features a set of sub-sections that pertain to the allowance entitlement of the employee and all the constraints of allowance calculation.

For a complete clarification of time off terminology, please check our glossary



  • Request and Approvers: this section provides information about request restrictions when submitting time off requests (such as mandatory attachment) and the approval settings617ba63901b91
  • Display: shows how the balance is displayed in terms of rounding and precision.617ba6397199a
  • Work pattern: this shows the employee's current working pattern. This information retrieves the employee's working pattern and %FTE from the employee card under Employment table.617ba639f1298
  • Calendar: this shows the employee's specific calendar he is assigned to. This information is retrieved from the employees Employment table.617ba63a8d67f