Now that you’ve set up your performance review form and created your performance review cycle, you’re ready to launch your performance review cycle just in time for your organization’s bi-annual growth evaluation or end-of-year 360 evaluation, for example.

Review the forms, set up, and reviewers, plus make any final adjustments to your cycle while it’s pending launch before launching the process.

Tip: Use the participants filters, search, or export the cycle set up to an XLSX file to review your cycle before it’s launched.

Before you begin

Review the cycle setup to ensure the forms will accurately evaluate your performance cycle objectives and that you do not need to add or remove any participants or reviewers. To learn more, see Manage performance review cycles.

How to launch a performance review cycle

  1. From the left menu, select Talent > Performance > Manage cycles.
  2. From the Cycles tab, select the pending launch cycle you’d like to launch.
  3. Click Launch, then Launch again.
    Once you launch this cycle, participants will be invited and receive access to their review forms. In addition, you will no longer be able to edit or change forms.


What can I do to a performance cycle once it’s launched?
You can add or remove participants, stop the cycle, view forms, change the cycle owner, share reviews, adjust the reminders to complete the performance review, and more. To learn more, see Manage performance review cycles.

Can I download a report while the cycle is running?
Yes, download a report from the Actions dropdown menu. To learn more, see Manage performance review cycles.