Learn how to set up and customize the questions and answers for performance review forms. 


The most crucial element of any performance review are the questions that you ask; It is the way you frame the question and the format you choose for asking that will enable your reviewer to give the most accurate and targeted answers. The best part about these forms is that they are flexible; you can create new forms from scratch, edit existing templates or make a copy of existing templates and update them. Let the form creation begin!

How to create a performance review form

  1. From the left menu, select Talent > Performance > Manage cycles.
  2. Select the Forms tab.
  3. Click + Add New.
  4. The default name will be New Review [#]; To set your own form name, click on the settings icon. Type in your Review form name e.g., Annual Teamwork Review. Check the box titled Display numbering if you want your questions to be numbered automatically.
  5. To add a category, click on the + sign and select Add a category from the dropdown. Type the category name. If you'd like the category to be private (visible to managers and not employees) check the box titled Private category.

    Note: All questions under private categories will not be visible to employees, even if the form is shared with them. This option should only be used for manager review forms. 

  6. To add a question, click on the + sign and select Add a question. Type the question and then put a check next to the desired boxes: Mandatory question (question must be answered to complete form), Add title, Add tip (a little extra info to help guide reviewer). 
  7. There are 3 types of questions that can be added to the form; Select the radio button next to the question type of your choice:


  • Scale: This question type allows the user to select an answer from a scale. You can choose from a predefined scale of numbers, emojis and/or text, or create your own. You can also choose to allow comments.
  • Select: This question type allows the user to select from a set of answers. Type in as many answer options as you wish and these answers will presented to the reviewer. You can also define whether the user can select more than one answer, and whether they are allowed to add comments.
  • Free Text: This question type allows the user to type in their own answers. A prompt will ask the reviewer to type in an open-ended answer.

    Example: Setting up a scaled question

    In this example, the main details have been added; the name of the form is "Annual Team Survey," the category title is "Teamwork," and the actual question is "How important are tools for remote teamwork?" as you can see in the image below.

    Now let's set up a scaled question on your form:

    1. Click + sign > Add a Question > Scale. 
    2. In the dropdown under Select scale, the option Important was selected. (All options contain a default scale; The default ratings for the Important scale include numbers, emojis and specific descriptions for each option.
    3. The box next to Mandatory question was checked, meaning that this question is required for submission.
    4. The box next to Allow to add a comment was checked, meaning that the reviewer has the option to type in a comment.
    5. Click Save, and when you've finished setting up all questions, click Done.
    6. Congratulations - you've now set up Scaled questions on the review form!


How to make your own rating scale for questions

Didn't find a set of answer options that you're looking for? Why not create your own set of original, customized answers for your performance review question? To create your own rating scale with your desired number range, descriptive text and emojis/no emojis, follow these steps on the Form page:

  1. Click + sign > Add a Question > Scale.
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. Under Manage Scales, click + Add New Scale.
  4. Type in a name in the field Scale Name.
  5. Choose the range of questions. The default is 5 answers; you can add more answers by clicking the + sign or delete answers by hovering over a question and clicking the trash bin.
  6. Fill in the text descriptions for each number rating.
  7. Check the box next to Show smiles to add emojis.
  8. Check the box next to Show rating numbers to display numbers.
  9. Click Save changes when you're done.


How to make a table question

Note: Tables question responses will not appear in the Results tab when you analyze results, however, you can analyze raw table question data when you export results. To learn more, see View performance review results.

  1. Click + sign > Add a table question
  2. Type in your question under Edit Question. As you fill out the information on the left panel, it will appear on the right panel.
  3. Check the box titled Mandatory if you'd like it to be a required question. 
  4. Select the question type: Scale, Select or Free text. Choose the set of answers corresponding to your choice.


  5. To add additional columns, click on the + add Column button when you are editing a column:
  6. If you need to reorder a question, highlight the question in the left panel and use the navigation button Edit Question (with up and down arrows), located in the right panel, to move the question up or down.
  7. Click Save when you've finished.

Tip: Pre-fill answers in a performance cycle before you launch the cycle to personalize forms based on previous review cycles. To learn more, see Manage performance review cycles.

Congratulations! Now you know how to set up and customize questions and answers for performance review forms.

Note: Once a form is launched in a cycle, it is no longer possible to edit that form, any edit made to the form will only be reflected the next time it is selected for a cycle.