Monitor and edit performance review cycle progress in all phases of your launch.

How to view cycle progress

  1. From the left menu, select Talent > Performance > Manage cycles.
  2. In the Cycles tab, view pending launch, running, and finished cycles.
  3. Select a performance cycle to view a summary of the participants, forms, duration, and individual progress of the participants in the Progress tab of the cycle.

    Tip: The pencil icon indicates a review that is in draft mode, and not submitted yet. The green checkmark icon indicates a submitted form. The people icon indicates the review has been shared with the employee.

  4. Use the filters, such as Reviewing manager and Site, to view specific reviews in the All participants table.
  5. In running or complete cycles, you can also view the Results and Insights tabs within the cycle. To learn more, see View performance review results and Use a performance map in performance cycles.

How to edit a cycle

You can edit and make changes to cycles depending on the phase of the cycle.

  1. Click the add person icon above the table to add participants to the cycle.
  2. From the Actions dropdown menu, you can select:
    • Edit a cycle.
    • Stop a running cycle.

      Note: This should only be done if there was an error in the cycle that needs to be adjusted. If you wish to end a review, use the Edit option to adjust the cycle duration.

    • Details of a running cycle.
    • View forms included in your cycle.
    • Change owner of the cycle.
    • Share with employees to have full visibility of the cycle reviews.
    • Download cycle report for cycle data export including employee and reviewer employee fields.
    • Duplicate to copy then edit a new cycle.
    • Pre-fill answers to import performance form responses before the cycle is launched. To learn more, see How to bulk import answers into review forms.
    • Delete to remove the entire settings and reviews, including completed forms.
  3. From the three-dot menu to the right of employees, you can select:
    • View to see a completed review.
    • Nudge [employee] who still needs to complete their self review.
    • Allow [employee] to edit a completed form while the cycle is running.
    • Remove from cycle to delete a completed review or opportunity to complete a review.
  4. From the three-dot menu to the right of reviewers, you can select:
    • View to see a completed review.
    • Invite peer reviewers for a peer review.
    • Share with [employee] so they can see the reviewer’s answers.
    • Unshare with [employee] so they cannot see the reviewer’s answers.
    • Replace [reviewer] to choose a different reviewer.

      Tip: Replace reviewers who may be out on leave during the cycle period. You can select the new reviewer for a single employee or make them the reviewer for all of the original reviewer’s team. For reviewers who no longer work for the company, you can replace the reviewer and delete the reviews the original reviewer completed so far.

    • Nudge [reviewer] who still needs to complete their review for all reviews, except custom.
    • Allow [reviewer] to edit reopen the review for editing by individuals after initial completion or for managers after the cycle has ended.
    • Remove specific reviewers from this cycle.

      Note: If they’ve already been invited and submitted their review, the invitation will become invalid and the review will be deleted.

  5. In the Forms tab, view default and custom forms, and add new forms. To learn more, see Set up a performance review form.

How to bulk import answers into review forms

Bulk import review answers into review forms pre-launch. Use this function to pre-populate forms with previous answers in the review form. This will allow you to:

Personalize forms by importing values that may differ between individuals before the reviewers are invited to fill in the forms.

Note: You need permission to Create, manage and start reviews in order to import answers into review forms. To learn more, see Create a custom permission group.

  1. From the Actions dropdown menu of the cycle, select Pre-fill answers.
  2. Select Export past cycles.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select the cycles to use as default answers in your next performance cycle and the upcoming, pre-launch cycle.
  4. In your spreadsheets, copy the past cycle answers as answers into the upcoming, pre-launch cycle.
  5. When your spreadsheet is ready, click Import pre-filled cycle.
  6. Click Upload data file to upload your completed spreadsheet with the pre-filled answers.
  7. Click Upload. When the upload is complete, click Done.
  8. If the file has multiple sheets, select the sheet from the dropdown menu.
  9. Click Next.
  10. The file will be uploaded and validated.
  11. If there are any errors, click Download and fix to view the errors and correct them. Click Previous to re-upload your file.
  12. Click Next.
    The data will be imported into the cycle form(s).
  13. Click Back to manage cycle when the import is complete.


What happens if a reviewer no longer works for the company?
For reviewers who no longer work for the company, you can replace the reviewer and delete the reviews the original reviewer has completed so far. Click the three-dot menu to the right of the reviewer, then select Replace reviewing manager. Select a new reviewer, then mark the checkbox(es) Make this person the reviewer of all [Reviewer]’s team and Delete the reviews [Reviewer]’s submitted so far. Click Invite.