Navigate to Talent → Manage cycles and click on the performance cycle:


Cycle progress

This is where you will get a full overview on the cycle's status. Switch between the different review types and use the “group by” option to understand best what’s happening with the reviews.


In this example, you can see the progress of the self assessment forms by site.

You can use the filters to view specific reviews, add and remove participants to cycle, nudge employees to submit reviews, replace reviewing managers, allow to edit forms, invite peers and export the cycle report.


The pencil icon indicates a review that is in draft mode, not submitted yet.

Forms that have been submitted will be marked with a green checkmark.

The people icon indicates the review has been submitted and shared with the employee.

Click on the view option to see the completed review.

Use the Actions button to Edit, Stop, Share, Duplicate or Delete a cycle.

  • Stop: When stopping users will not be able to fill in forms. This should only be done if there was an error that needs to be adjusted. If you wish to end a review, you should use the Edit option and adjust the duration.
  • Share: Sharing a review cycle will give the user you are sharing it with visibility to the whole cycle (including all responses).
  • Delete: Deleting a review will remove all data and filled out forms associated with that cycle from the system. These are not able to be reinstated.

You can also download the cycle report.