Learn how to complete the reviews of your direct report(s) and manage the completion status of each employee.


Once a performance cycle with a manager review is created and launched, you will then receive an email invitation to complete your manager review. You will be directed to your Team tab where you can invite peers, nudge participants, allow employees to edit submitted forms, and download the cycle’s report; Let's begin!

How to complete a Team review 

In order to start your manager assessment:

  1. From the left menu, select Talent > Performance > My reviews.
  2. Click Start next to the relevant employee.
  3. Answer all questions to complete the assessment.
  4. Click Split view to complete your evaluation while viewing another review side by side. You can choose from current completed reviews or even from other cycles over time.

    Note: We highly recommend to use split view; If you choose to keep a single view, use the left panel to navigate between completed reviews (self, peer or upwards).

  5. If your form contains a private questions, click Private section and a dropdown will appear with questions for you to complete. All answers submitted will not be visible to the employee.

  6. When you have completed the review, choose from the following options:

    • Submit anyway: the form will be marked as complete but the employee will not be able to view your answers. Only people with the right permission can access your form
    • Submit and share: the form will be marked as complete and the employee will be able to view your answers.
    • Save as draft: saved for your eyes only, no one can view it and it won’t be marked as complete.

Note: Until the cycle is closed, you can always go back and edit the form even after you submit it.