Once the performance cycle is launched you will receive an email invitation to complete your self-assessment. You can also find your form under Talent > My performance.


Answer the questions you see throughout the form - some will be open text, others multiple choice or rating. If a question is required, you will not be able to submit your review without completing it.

When you're done, click to submit your form. Your manager will receive a notification that your form is complete and will be able to access it.

Note: you will no longer be able to edit your form, in case you need to make changes, contact your manager or admin and they can reopen your form for editing.


Under “My performance” page you can manage your current and past reviews and invite peers.


If you manage employees you can access your team performance overview under “My team”, follow the steps in this article.

If you were invited to complete a peer or upward review you can access those under “My peers” and “My Manager”.